Stake your SPACE tokens for xSPACE and participate in the Fee sharing and governance

xSPACE - Locked SPACE tokens

xSPACE is the governance token that grants you voting power and boosted protocol revenue sharing. You can stake your SPACE for xSPACE which you have chance to increase voting power and reward boost. The longer you lock your SPACE, the greater your voting power and revenue sharing distribution will be. You can boost up to 4x by locking SPACE for 4 years. Your boosted SPACE is presented as xSPACE and will remain in escrow until your unlock time (non-transferable).

Locking SPACE for xSPACE on xStake

Head over to app.xdollar.fi and click on xStake, and then you can lock SPACE for xSPACE for the time period you prefer.

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