xDollar Space (V2) allows users to open accounts to borrow our stablecoin, XIM, and further adjust their risk tolerance/collateral ratio based on their needs.

Depositing Collateral and Borrowing XIM

Head over to app.xdollar.fi and click on xBank

The xBank section displays a variety of ERC-20 Tokens that can be used as collateral. Here is the demonstration:

To borrow some XIM, simply click any Trove you want to use as collateral.

Once you open the trove with your preferred collateral, the popup section will appear.

Let’s start with this window and enter the amount of Collateral and the amount of Borrow

  • Liquidation Reserve -An amount set aside to cover the liquidator’s gas costs if your Trove needs to be liquidated. The amount increases your debt and is refunded if you close your Trove by fully paying off its net debt.

  • Borrowing Fee -This amount is deducted from the borrowed amount as a one-time fee. There are no recurring fees for borrowing, which is thus interest-free

  • Total Debt -The total amount of XIM your Trove will hold.

  • Debt Ceiling - The maximum amount that can be borrowed against a particular collateral type.

  • XIM Available - This is how many XIMs left for users to borrow against a particular collateral type of assets.

  • Collateral Ratio - The ratio between the amount of the collateral and the debt (in XIM) you are depositing.

First, decide how much collateral will be used as collateral and then decide how much XIM will be borrowed by either typing in the numbers.

Finally, Click the Confirm button to open the Trove.

Managing Positions

Open positions can be managed in the same window as used to initially open a position. Here we can:

  • Add collateral

  • Borrow more XIM (assuming the minimum collateral ratio has not been crossed)

  • Repay borrowed XIM

  • Remove collateral (based on the user current debt level/collateral ratio)

  • Close the Trove

My Open Trove

On the right bottom of Trove, you will see a button 'Adjust" and click that button will enable users to manage the positions.

Then users can manage their troves as they want including closing the positions by changing the debt and collateral to 0.

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