xDollar V2 offers different farming opportunities for users stake their XIM and LP tokens to farm SPACE tokens.

Farming is currently available on Ethereum:

  • xPool: user can stake their XIM in xPool to farm SPACE

  • xFarm: user can stake their XIM-3Pool Curve LP to farm SPACE

Future incentivization programs for xPool and LP pairs can be voted on through the xDollar DAO governance.

Staking XIM to Farm SPACE on xPool

Head over to app.xdollar.fi and click on xPool

The xPool section displays a variety of XIM Pool where users can stake XIM to farm SPACE.

To stake some XIM, simply click Deposit, and then you can stake XIM any pool you prefer. After you stake XIM into the Pool, you will be able to see more details as below.

Please note that this XIM pool is used for stabilizing the xDollar Space. You may experience lesser XIM share but with more collateral gain in case of any liquidation events. For more information, please hover over xPool and Liquidation section for more info!

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