xDollar V2 offers different farming opportunities for users stake their XIM and LP tokens to farm SPACE tokens.

Farming is currently available on Ethereum:

  • xPool: user can stake their XIM in xPool to farm SPACE

  • xFarm: user can stake their XIM-USDC LP to farm SPACE

Future incentivization programs for xPool and LP pairs can be voted on through the governance process when the governance process are ready.

Staking XIM - 3LP3CRV to Farm SPACE on xFarm

Head over to app.xdollar.fi and click on xFarm

The xPool section of the displays where users can stake XIM - 3LP3CRV to farm SPACE

Before the start, use should obtain LP by clicking the "XIM-3LP3CRV-F pool on Curve" and get the LP firstly.

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