XDO Bridge
Bridging XDO to ETH Mainnet from Polygon Network


    Hold XDO and Matic on a MetaMask wallet connected to the Polygon Network
    On the same wallet address, hold ETH and be connected to the ETH Mainnet on MetaMask
Please make sure that you have ETH gas on the MetaMask before bridging, otherwise funds may get stuck.
The minimal amount of XDO bridging to ETH Mainnet is 150 XDO. However, to bridge XDO back to Polygon Network, it is 1500 XDO minimum, and Anyswap charges 150 XDO or 0.1% transfer fee (whichever is larger) for bridging back to Polygon.

1. Go to Anyswap's bridge at https://anyswap.exchange/bridge

2. Select "ETH Mainnet" and connect your wallet

3. Select "XDO" in the Deposit bar

4. Choose the amount of XDO and click CrossChain Deposit

5. Click Confirm and sign the transaction in MetaMask

6. Add XDO token to your MetaMask connected to the ETH Mainnet

The XDO token's address on ETH Mainnet: 0x173fd7434b8b50df08e3298f173487ebdb35fd14

7. Wait for XDO to be bridged to ETH Mainnet

It usually takes 10 minutes - 1 hour (depending on network congestion) but could be longer for the XDO tokens to arrive.
In case of huge delay, one may use https://anyswap.net/explorer?labparams=tools to expedite the pending transaction. On the page, input the transaction ID of your bridge transaction, which can be found using polygonscan. Select XDO for Token, Polygon for From Chain, Ethereum for To Chain, and click SEND.

8. Enjoy the brave new world of XDO on ETH Mainnet

Last modified 1mo ago