Kyber Liquidity Mining on xDollar
Adding liquidity to the incentivized xUSD-DAI pool to Kyber DMM


    Hold xUSD, DAI and MATIC on a MetaMask wallet connected to the Polygon Network

1. Go to Kyber DMM pool page for the xUSD-DAI pair

2. Locate the right pool, click + button to add liquidity

The incentivized pool is the one ends with 592 as shown in the figure above.

3. Put in the amount to be added

One might notice that the ratio of xusd and dai might not be 50:50 in terms of value (as shown in the above figure), this is normal due to the design of the amplified Kyber pool. See the optional step below if you would like to add to the pool 50:50.

(optional) In case the pool is unbalanced, adjust your token balance by trading if desired.

For example, in the above case, as the pool is roughly 13% xusd - 87% dai, one can trade a portion of xusd in the wallet to dai to achieve that ratio. This can be done at any exchange, Kyber swap page shown below.

4. Click Supply to add tokens to the liquidity pool

One may need to approve xusd and dai for Kyber first.

5. Confirm adding liquidity

6. One can find the liquidity on My Dashboard

7. Stake the Kyber liquidity token on xDollar Farming

Click Stake to proceed farming
Click Confirm to deposit and start farming
You are now successfully stacking Kyber LP and enjoy XDO farming

Happy farming and you will claim an xDollar LP Provider POAP after the farming period is ended!

Last modified 2mo ago