Setting Up MetaMask with Avalanche

Step 1 - Create a Wallet or Import an Existing Wallet

This is where you have to create or import an existing Ethereum wallet. If you don't have an existing Ethereum wallet, please select "Create a Wallet". Always keep your Mnemonic and password to yourself and make sure to write it down. Note: This is the wallet that will be used to conduct transactions on Avalanche.

Step 2 - Connect MetaMask with Avalanche

Open MetaMask and click on the network selector at the top. By default it will show "Ethereum Mainnet". Scroll down and click Custom RPC.
A window will open. Type in the details below.
Network Name: Avalanche Mainnet New RPC URL: ChainID: 0xa86a Symbol: AVAX Explorer:
Make sure you've typed everything in correctly and click Save. Avalanche will now be one of your network options.
Now that MetaMask is connected to Avalanche Mainnet, you can move on to Funding your MetaMask Connected to Avalanche.
*Another shortcut is to add chain network by browsing on and select AVAX mainnet.
NEVER, in any situation, should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrase ("seed phrase"). This will give someone complete access to your crypto!
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