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Funding your Avalanche Wallet
The native tokens used on the Avalanche C-Chain are ARC-20 assets. To make transactions and interact with contracts on the Avalanche Network, you'll need to pay for gas fees, which comes in the form of AVAX. You will also need the ARC-20 version of any token you want to stake or provide liquidity with on Avalanche.
The most popular route to go about getting ARC-20 tokens is by creating an Avalanche Wallet, sending AVAX from a CEX to it, and then transferring funds from your Avalanche Wallet to your MetaMask connected to Avalanche.
If you're getting AVAX from a CEX that supports the C-Chain, such as KuCoin or Gate.io, you can skip this step entirely.

Step 1 - Create an Avalanche Wallet

Create an Avalanche Wallet by visiting https://wallet.avax.network/, selecting "Create New Wallet", and following the subsequent instructions.

Step 2 - Get AVAX

You can get AVAX from any of the supported exchanges found on CoinMarketCap. The most popular exchange to buy AVAX is Binance.

Step 3 - Transfer to Your Avalanche Wallet

Once you have AVAX in your CEX of choice, send it to your Avalanche Wallet that was created in Step 1. Find your wallet address that starts with "x-avax1" on your Avalanche Wallet and withdraw it to this destination.
Now that you have AVAX, you can proceed to Setting Up MetaMask with Avalanche.
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