We envision xDollar not just another Liquity protocol fork, but position xDollar as the first cross-chain decentralized borrowing platform with DAO governance and multi-collateral vault system. Hereby, we present a tentative roadmap for growing xDollar stronger in below.

2021 Q2 - Phase 1a: First Launch of xDollar on Polygon Network

    Product Launch of xDollar in Polygon Network

2021 Q3 - Phase 1b: Upgrade for xDollar V2 including multi-collateral feature and DAO governance

    Enable new collateral features together with DAO governance

2021 Q3 - Phase 2: xDollar Launch on Multiple Chains

    Next launches on other EVM compatible side chains and L2 protocols
      AVAX (8/29/2021).

2021 Q3/4 - Phase 3: Cross Chain Flow Capability Release

    Cross chain xDollar assets between launched side chains and L2 protocols to create decentralized stablecoin liquidity flow.

2022 Q1 - Phase 4: xDollar v3 with an improved multi-collateral portfolio system

    Launch xDollar v3 with a multi-collateral portfolio system that includes all token assets under one portfolio.

2022 Q3/4 - Phase 5: Bring real world assets (RWA) as collateral on the platform

    Bring real world assets as collateral on the platform.
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